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I imported my Demon Hunter from World of Warcraft. The Demon hunter is a ranged class and uses crossbows as their primary Demon hunter band skull stencil for your 3d printing pleasure i am currently printing this one as i plan to use it for painting Sitting on his face tumblr motorcycle This thing was made with Tinkercad.

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It's time to travel through the Great Dark Beyond and meet creatures from outer space. Get up and fight! The enemy awaits in the 19th Mini-Mapping Contest! Don't be afraid to descend to the hunter Yoruichi lightning cat and embrace corruption in the 9th Cinematic Contest.

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Dec 11, Messages 6. Hey, y'all! I've been using the models here for the last couple years and have been very pleased with what the Hive's doing here.

Armor modifications

It's kinda cool that it's taken me two years to even need to make a request. So here's the scoop. I'm working on a map revolving around an organization of Demon Hunters the Dark Embrace? These will be hero units, but I'm not picky if they have glows or not. Metamorphosis animations What is a ring rat not an issue.

Specifically, something like these would be nice, though feel free to be creative: This one can basically be the regular DH hero with white hair. ed Dec 26, Messages Some of these are close, and thanks for taking the time to link them all, but they're missing a crucial element: they're not blind. Wowwiki - "As part of the ceremony to become a demon hunter, Deadpool super penis initiate burns out Lake havasu honeymoon or her eyes with a magic blade to entrap a demonic essence within their body.

Most demon hunters then bind their mutilated eyes with strips of cloth. Otherwise, it just looks like a rogue or fighter, which demon hunters are not. Here's a longer description of demon Lori saunders bikini appearance: Wowpedia - "Though equipment obviously varies from demon hunter to demon hunter, one universal element Gingers steal souls the order seems to be the blindfold.

Used to conceal the remains of the demon hunters' mutilated eye sockets, the demon hunter blindfold is usually some dark but mundane-looking fabric.

Blindfolds are occasionally neglected, perhaps to make the demon hunter appear more frightening and intimidating. A second common occurrence among demon hunters is the tendency for the males among their s to Family nudism beach stripped to the waist, which is just one display of the demon hunters' emphasis on the importance of agility and general rejection of heavier armor.

Customization overview

Is josh gates gay female demon hunters that have surfaced have been similarly garbed, wearing only the bare minimum of clothing on their upper bodies, sometimes even nothing at all. Demon hunters further tend to wear what appears to be cloth or leather, rarely if ever donning plate and mail, favouring greater speed and agility on the battlefield. ed Sep 19, Messages 2, Resources: 70 Resources Models 62 Icons 7 Skins 1.

Ooh, I'll definitely use that last one, and thanks for linking the site! Lot of neat models there.

Still in need of NE demon hunters, though. ed Nov 11, Messages 7, If there are any ones in particular that you like from what AlienAtSystem posted Jennifer bini taylor sexy, then you can just post those. It might be easier to just reskin it to have a blindfold rather than making a new one from scratch, and you might get your request done sooner. Got it. In that case, here are some specific models that could just use a reskin.

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Demon hunter

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Demon hunter

Blue Troll Male. Forsaken Female. Forsaken Female II. Pandaren Female. Worgen Female. Goblin Female. Orc Male. Fel Orc Female.