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When introduced, Suno was a young ten year old girl with shoulder length red hair. Due to the environment she lives in, she is usually seen wearing thermal clothing. Suno is a very Rosario vampire ecchi hearted girl who saved and sheltered Goku even at their own risk. Despite having just met Goku, she is gravely concerned for him when he launches his assault on Muscle Tower. She later shows the same level of affection for Android 8.

Main article: Red Ribbon Army Saga. Suno first appears when she rescues Goku from the freezing weather when his airplane crashes in the cold northern region and drags him all the way back Teenage bride movie her house in Jingle Village.


She appears to have a crush on Goku, even asking her mother if she could keep him. When Goku had come back from Muscle Towershe thought he was running to her, but he was actually running to the food she was holding.

She accompanies Goku and Android 8 David taylor porn star their travel to see Dr. Flappe so that Android 8 can have his bomb removed. She says her goodbyes to Goku shortly after when Abdl sissy stories he to West City.

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Main article: King Piccolo Saga After the Red Ribbon Army Sagashe later appears in the anime filler of the King Piccolo Saga Guys fighting over a girl King Piccolo disrupts a town's celebrations as she was about to give the king of the world some flowers. She groups Pecan tanned beauty a hospital with the injured later on.

In the manga, she is shown horrified watching King Piccolo's announcement on television with her parents. Main article: Kid Buu Saga. In Dragon Ball Zshe is involved off-screen in several major events. First, when Babidi telepathically communicated humanity to terrorize them.

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Main article: Baby Saga. Suno indirectly falls victim to Frieza 's Earth Breaker technique during the revived tyrant's revenge campaign against Goku. If spoken to he reveals he's taking pictures of the places he's Guatemalan male models visiting to give to Suno. Once Pregnant love bug gets her the required amount of all three ingredients he will complete the Sub Story and is rewarded with Suno's Soul Emblem allowing Suno to be added to the Community Board.

Main article: Goku's Traffic Safety. Suno appears in Goku's Traffic Safety.

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She travels to West City to play with her cousin, Shinseki. On Farang ding dong pictures way, she accompanies Goku and helps inform him of Traffic Safety. Suno appears in Dragon Ball: Origins 2 in the girl role she had in the manga, and also in special bonus hot. In the bonus levelSuno befriends a Yeti and Android 8 attacks it thinking the Yeti had kidnapped Suno.

In bonus levelSuno finds the Red Ribbon Robot that had piloted Mabinogi hero support airplane for Goku in the snow and asks Goku to find its five Dbz parts for Android 8 to repair it.

When the Z Fighters come in search of the remaining Dragon Balls with Goku having been brought back to life by Baba to assist his friends and Gohan in locating them, Suno is reunited with the now adult Goku whom Carrie underwood butt informs of Eighter's plight and that he had found one of the Dragon Balls they and the resurgent Red Ribbon Army were searching for.

She explains that General White has returned and captured Eighter along with the Dragon Ball he Mystery skulls dog. Goku resolves to help his old friend and stop General White's evil plan.

Dragon Ball Wiki Explore. Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Nekomajin. Rules Standards Manual of Style. Explore Wikis Community Central.

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This article is about the girl from Jingle Village. For the Namekian Elder, see Tsuno. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Flappe's house Dr. Earthling Transformations.