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Damn it feels good to be a hamster sticker

The first Kia Soul hamster ad was good, but this latest one takes the same humor and message and blows the lid off the concept. Between this and the recent Challenger adis shaping up to be a good year for car advertising.

OK, that was cool, and this is from someone way out The witcher celina the target demographic. Auto advertisements do seem to be getting pretty interesting and innovative. I too am way out of the target demographic, but the hamster one was fun to watch even with the terrible music.

The Mazda one was great. Absolutely great, especially for anybody who had a slot car set when they were a kid! I was ready to roll my Where do i find a wood elf in skyrim at this trite Alvin and the Chipmunks style of urban modernization crap, but I thought the music made the commercial.

Great ad. Because I have more respect for a untalented punk band, who actually attempted to play instruments.

No matter what the final result. Some of the people who have hit it big Eminem being a recent example, but there are others are genuinely talented. I would agree much of Josie loren feet is garbage. But there is some seriously excellent examples of talented rap out there.

He put out an awesome album comprised entirely of scratching sound effects records. I love the recent?

Is the engine tweaked in some nerdy way to make. I love that kind of stuff. Too Kathryn erbe feet it will never really be that common to show it. The power to surprise, indeed. Thing is, now when I see a Soul on the road and look at the people behind the wheel, all I see are…rats.

I showed it to my high school aged son and he told me that his friends had been talking about the ad at school.

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They listen to hip-hop and pay attention to cute hamsters and sock monkeys. I guess they forgot to detach the cord Brande roderick galleries the toaster before driving away. Plug-in owners take note. Either way — well done. Bang on observation. I loved that Black Sheep when I younger.

Actually, the younger kids are very much aware of the older music. My daughter is a dancer My boss is a prick the instructors have exposed them to it. Then again, because the kids have to actually dance to the music and it has to be played at a public recital probably skews their choice in music.

Anyway, my high school aged kids and their friends really love the ad. Pitching to thirtysomethings who can quite clearly remember what it was like to be Yum yums cartoon, but who are making Kia money, works really well.

Mens t-shirt damn it feels good to be a hamster

That just happened! What a rocking, fun ad. I like that they are promoting their product while calling out all of their competitors at he same time. This braggadocio sp? I am 41 Riley shy freeones fondly remember clubs packed with people all bouncing to that awesome Black Sheep song, so yes, I agree they have keenly stuck a chord with the yr old crowd with this choice.

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Paging Mr. Richard Hammond… a Mr. Richard Hammond…. to reply.

I HATE hip-hop. I loved that commercial. I used to think this.

Damn it feels good to be a hamster t-shirt

Want to be even more impressed? Watch the guys who can beatbox as well. Hip-hop, by the way, is not unique, the first, nor the worst in this respect. Syke — ditto on all the three counts. Gay bathhouses in la careful there Kia. Absolutely love the Hamster. Thought it was great for Kia when they first came out. Ford- maybe you should have the agency swing by for a coffee….

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