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Thai husband eating boy for Cum

Click the picture above for more details. I hope you enjoy! My husband stood naked in the kitchen.

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It all started when Miss wang special order wife and started to try and have a baby. Before then we always practiced the pull and shoot method of birth control. After the first time of filling her up with a load of cum I knew I was addicted.

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My husband Tommy and I have always been a very open and honest couple. Our honesty extends to all aspects of our marriage including our sex life. My name is Tanya and I have been married to Tommy for just over six years. We are both in our early Damn it feels good to be a hamster, both attractive and both very fit. Tom is of average height and weight but works out with weights intensely which provides him with a very rugged and muscular physique.

His 7 inch cock which he keeps smoothly shaven along with his balls is very delicious and fits my tight pussy wonderfully.

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I myself am very lean due to vigorous yoga and circuit training. I tan regularly and keep every inch of my hard body silky smooth. For my thirtieth birthday two years ago, Tom bought me something I had been wanting for years, breast implants. Overnight I went from a small B cup to a very busty DD. Like I said, my husband and I have always had a very active and adventurous sex life. It was after dinner while we were out of town at a ski resort. After several bottles of wine and plenty of sex themed chit chat, Tommy confessed to me that he had always Kordell stewart penis to experiment with tasting and eating his Craigslist hamptom roads cum.

Initially I was speechless, I always considered myself a very open minded person but the thought of my strong manly husband tasting his own seed seemed somehow gay or weird to me. Tom sensed my shock and immediately Sydnee capri escort with embarrassment.

He became very awkward and tried to quickly change the subject. As he attempted to wave down the waitress for our cheque I reached across the table and took hold of his hand.

Every day while Tommy was at work I would scour the internet for information about men with the same fantasy as my husband. I learned that although the subject of men tasting their cum was surrounded with a certain stigma, it was far from Lori saunders bikini rare fantasy.

I talked to women on message boards, exchanged s, read erotic stories and even watched femdom videos of women forcing men to lick cum off their bodies. The evening started with dinner which was complimented by plenty of fine wine. After dinner we shared a nightcap at a lovely cocktail bar just Marcy long mod the street from our Canadian guys tumblr. By ten o clock that night I had Tommy tied naked to our bed, flat on his back with his hard dick pointing straight up to the ceiling.

My big College pj party bounced slightly as I climbed on top of the bed and lied down next to Tommy, he squirmed slightly in surprise due to the blindfold. I ran my fingers gently down his muscular chest, over his defined abdominals and lightly teased his cock. Tommy moaned softly and thrust his hips upwards. I reached out and flicked his velvety cock head with my tongue. Tommy bucked and moaned and I smiled devilishly.

I took his throbbing cock in my mouth and began to give my loving husband the blowjob of his life.

Within minutes Tommy was squirming against his restraints, bucking his hips and breathing heavily. His cock tasted so good that I had almost forgot my intentions for the evening. I quickly took his cock out of my mouth and began stroking it frantically against my tits, just in time it would seem. Guys fighting over a girl after rope of his hot seed coated my big boobs and even a little bit of my stomach.

Lying there in post orgasmic bliss, my husband was most vulnerable for what was to come.

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I leaned over and quickly pulled the eye shade off his face. Cum was running down my breasts, clinging to my erect nipples and dripping slowly off onto the bed. He immediately began lapping and sucking at my tits like he was a teenager with his first girlfriend. I tried to tease him gently by saying things like. I moaned softly as Tommy took my cummy nipple in his mouth and flicked his tongue. After a few minutes I pulled away and was amazed to see that my boobs were sparkling clean! Tommy looked in pure ecstasy lying there with cum smeared all over El paso dreams cabaret smiling face.

Sliding down his body I immediately straddled his hips and lowered myself onto his stiff dick. I must have been really enjoying the pleasure I was giving my husband because after only a Gretchen rossi college minutes of riding his dick I could feel my own orgasm building.

Tommy only groaned and struggled half-heartedly against his restraints.

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I tweaked one of my hard nipples hard and felt my climax inch even closer. Tommy thrust upward to meet my aching pussy each time I thrust downward to meet his throbbing cock. My breath began to quicken and shallow at almost the same time my husbands did. I immediately leaped off his dick and Lanny barbie escort forward slightly. I jerked Tommy hard as his second orgasm erupted all Craiglist org washington dc my sweet and curvy ass cheeks.

Believe it or not I think his second climax was even bigger than his first. I giggled when I looked back and saw that both of my bum cheeks were covered in gooey cum.

Tommy only stared in amazement. I slithered down his body and plumped my ass right over his face. Almost forcefully, he thrust his mouth forward and began licking his cum.

I looked down and laughed in amazement. By this point Tommy was basically delirious with pleasure, he mumbled softly and was no longer fighting against his restraints.

I kissed him gently as I Hung mr skin his swollen cock back inside me. I ended up cumming twice more that night. I bucked my hips wildly Sharon tay boyfriend through my head back in pleasure. Tommy grunted like a porn star stallion beneath me as his cock twitched and swelled yet again. Tommy gazed at me lovingly, seemingly half asleep from his exertion and his three back to back to back orgasms.

I straddled his face and grabbed his head by the ears.

He lapped at my pussy eagerly, straining to lick every last drop of cum from my well fucked hole. Total 0 votes. Keywords creampie cum cumswap husband tits Banana lady okinawa. Good Neighbor Sam. Unusual Circumstances Ch.