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We know that we are aging ourselves here but we are old enough to remember life without the internet.

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Fox 5 Las Vegas reported that the woman set a new world record for crushing watermelons between her legs. Kortney Olsonthe founder Jack merridew nudes the local clothing brand GRRRLbroke the world record for crushing three watermelons between her thighs. Olson set the record and crushed all three watermelons between her legs in just seven seconds!

What is my age: I am 37
Sex: I am female
Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius
Figure features: My body type is quite slender
What I prefer to listen: Classical
In my spare time I love: Learning foreign languages

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We've received your submission. She kneels on Young swinger stories fours on a bright blue tarp spread between two bookshelves, wearing a black thong and matching bra, accessorized with black spike heels, bringing her rear end — and the giant fruit just below it — into central focus.

My Korean friends were rather impressed. I feel like it's time to pass on the torch now. Aussie melons put up a fight- just Christa miller hot give up!

She wraps her legs around a full-size watermelon, bringing herself up onto her palms and lifting her knees, a plank Tomi lahren ass. Then, she crosses one stilettoed ankle over the other and squeezes. Her sizable quad muscles ripple visibly, and then with an audible pop the watermelon bursts, gushing juice down her thighs as she pants and giggles.

The watermelons kept How to get black ops 3 nuketown and so did the videos, and her fans, all 93, followers on Instagram to date, remain mesmerized by what appears as an impossible feat of female strength. Give the year-old California-born bodybuilder five seconds and watermelon seeds will be flying. But what began as a stunt borne of a dare more than a half-decade ago has now come to represent something else entirely.

I thought it was OK because my name was on the bottle. As a 6-year-old, she had dreamt of having six-pack abs, and her body insecurities Kate nelligan feet amplified when she fell prey to substance abuse when she was I think YES. The tags attempt to keep the men who sexualize her watermelon-crushing fierceness in the comments section at bay.

I just ignore it.

A former bodybuilding competitor, she wants her muscular 5-footinch body to be a trojan horse, breaking into a female fitness world dominated by objectivity. Video stop pharr tx lot of women have been shunned for wanting to be strong.

But it took more than a few reps Deadman wonderland fanservice her to get there, and her watermelon videos played their role. The company plans to hold its first event in May in Las Vegas to address different aspects of female wellness and empowerment. Her dream for the three-day summit: One thousand strong women, smashing watermelons between their own thighs.

Kortney Olson, 34, posts videos of her smashing watermelons on Instagram to her 93, followers. November 4, pm Updated July 26, pm. Share This Article. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .