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Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games available on iOS and Android devices, but with the latest update changing Naked woman birthday cake lot of things in the game, here are four reasons not to play Clash of Clans anymore.

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Older iphones performs better and this phone has been out for a while and new iPhones will come out soon and any game just sucks on it.

Common sense says

Really hate the phone! I should have just kept my XS Max. Me too having the same problem tho into my apps!! Very disappointed. Search by keywords or tags Submit Search Clear search query Additional information about Search by Laura lion planetsuzy or tags Supported Searches:.

Farming gets you less resources

Click again to start watching. Im having lag and fps drop in pubg in iphone 12 pro App Review.

Asked by Amm0rix Copy to clipboard Share this post. Copied to Clipboard. It seems that there is CPU scheduling issue with A The 2 performance cores would be shut down suddenly result in the Freaks only tumblr drop. Almost all the games have some CPU workload would be impacted. Posted by xfrgux. Posted by olasty.

Gotta be mobile

Very disappointed — Ayush Me too the phone very slow even in imessage — Samehkhairy. Same problem here with iPhone On iPhone 11 I had no problems and now, with the same games and app, Manga sensei x student have these serious throttling and slow down problems. The A14 should be more powerful and efficient, so this is a problem and I think a software problem, specifically iOS maybe.

Posted by Astrubalese.

App trigger

Add a Comment. Posted by NStang.

Posted by AppleNo0b. I am facing the same problem but I personally think that the game is not well optimised as the device is Wwe jacqueline age, I think in future with software updates this problem will be surely fixed.

Posted by Yousafkhan Same issues, phone is absolute trash on mobile games like pubg mobile. My iphone 10s was 10x better.

Posted by Jlemers1. I am having this issue with any game I play.

I hope they solve this soon. Posted by SoKritical.

V release notes

Same issue here. Posted by Moosley.

Posted by abhishekfdd. Sometimes hits 60 fps, sometimes clearly drop below 30 fps I guess.

I'm not sure if this is an iOS problem or the apps in cause need to update for an optimized version. Posted by jfcbPT.

I have just same frame dropping issue, but Catherine reitman boobs I'm trying to capture it with screen recording it goes away. Can you confirm is it same way for you guys or is my experience different? Posted by valenimi.

Same issue. Its seems to me that iPhone is heating up quick and this causing performance throttle.

Gotta be mobile

Very unpleasant experience and I hope this would be fixed with a software update. Posted by Dominada. Does the lag go away if you use screen recording?