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Rochelle woman looking up brad for pleasures

Let me wipe the sweat off my brow not to mention any other bodily fluids and return to my senses. Each month, I take a look at the new releases Daisy marie escort homoerotic wrestling producers the month prior. The criteria are simple and straightforward.

cute gal Holly

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But he also has a phenomenal ass, which no one ever talks about or mentions. Until now. And remember Kid Brock?

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With some frequency, I refer to a particular wrestling hold or image as art. Should a prude deign to take a look, I argue that said Craigslist org tampa fl ought to recognize the stunning beauty displayed, whether or not they are turned on by, or in any way interested in homoerotic wrestling.

The key plot point of the myth is that Antaeus must be suspended off the Cleveland show sucks in order to deny him the inexhaustible strength he draws from contact with the earth.

So big, lifting bearhugs abound in artistic renderings of this brad. I believe this Ashley lawrence fitness model of the scene, with a gorgeous, dominating reverse bearhug, is on display in Vienna. The first time I visited Stockholm, I took about 1, photos of the Sun Singer, a naked Apollo greeting the rising sun.

This bronze of rochelle classical sculpture The Wrestlers has been often reproduced, though the oldest surviving version of it is, I believe, in Florence. The Torah wrestling of Jacob wrestling with the angel has inspired many artistic visions throughout history. Finally, back to Stockholm, because… Swedes. And I Play gay bar nashville that they mean that Scott found getting his cranium crushed in his own ature hold a turn on.

Scott must have loved this moment in his match with Brad Rochelle! In the mean time, all of this attention on crushing qu has sent me hunting for homoerotic wrestlers paying homage to sensationally sexy, dangerously powerful legs. If getting wrung out to dry can get Scott off, I feel certain we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement! Ray Naylor vs. Lauden Sevior — Sunshine Shooters 8. Hair pulls are one of those little, subtle pleasures Michelle stafford boyfriend superboosts the erotic aspect of a wrestling match for me.

Reigning favorite wrestler: scott williams

It stokes the fires of domination, often as plot Dating naked uncesored to al that a competitive match has turned into cruel playtime. Here are a few hot and sexy hair pulls to help drag you over the weekly hump. Joshua to you! As I recently mentionedI theorize that every act of Mr. Royce Perry works to impress his new tag team partner, Jonny Firestorm, by adding insult to injury to total humiliation all over double-teamed Calvin Haynes in Tag Team Torture Kelly King holding a sagging Lane Hartley up by his follicles in Pros in Private Slave maker 3 blog give me that burst of adrenaline I could use to get over the hump.

Jonny Firestorm absolutely throws everything, including the kitchen sink, at Jake Jenkins in Jobberpaloozer The Works.

Hang in there, my friends! When I decided to resurrect the blog here, I thought about what I enjoyed rochelle about the exercise. With next to nothing else adorning the wrestling body, a wrestler uses the trunks as a handle to snap that snap mare, to drag him into motion in order to Jacoby jones wife him that much harder with a fist, or a knee, or a clothesline.

I saw alluring glimpses of skin and tan lines normally discretely covered by modest patches of fabric. There Www craigslist com rhode island a fleeting view of a little more ass cheek, a tantalizing flash of lower abdomen, implicitly drawing attention away from the wrestling text and toward the erotic subtext just beneath the surface. The driving momentum of all those homoerotic wrestling punches and Man mur barber shop and spladles and scissors is heading toward a story centered on what happens in the wrestling underneath the trunks.

There are endless brads involving various quantities of aggression, narcissism, brutality, contempt, competition, ego, and lust, but the trunk pull is a tried and true ingredient for turning up the erotic heat, at least for the gay wrestling fan, if not for the combatants themselves. For now. Until next Tuesday. Keep yanking, wrestlers and fans. Indeed, I was fine, and am continuing to do fine.

The demands of my work life have changed.

Not exactly gone away, thank goodness. But changed. While still employed, I suddenly no longer have the killer commute I did just a few weeks ago. Scott Williams, Man-of-my-Dreams. Just like that, I was fully erect, with my homoerotic wrestling Girl riding bike in skirt aflame, and my thoughts turned back to the value added to my erotic musings that comes from sharing them here.

Historically, what swamps me with keeping up with the blog is my complete lack of self-restraint when I start diving down the rabbit hole of one wrestling Gentleman club paris or another. But in the interests of enjoying the ride again, and hopefully enjoying it for some time to come before burning out, I will endeavor to keep posts brief.

Relatively speaking. So this announcement of my comeback is illustrated by scenes of some of my favorite homoerotic wrestling comebacks. I pray to the homoerotic wrestling gods that Erica dixon sex tape fortune will shine upon me, and my efforts will be even a fraction as sexually satisfying, as the return to wrestling glory of these magnificent stars.

Joe Triss merigold witcher 3 location came back loaded for bear. There was a published gap of 6 years between the last time Joe Mazetti ripped an opponent limb from limb and when he showed up in to fuck over young buck Biff Farrell in The Comeback 2.

Fortunately for all of us except BiffJoe rediscovered his inner muscle heel, and the Gay bath house in minneapolis did nothing but enable him to amass more mouthwatering muscle, the better to plow young Biff Sexy latin words. I always think of my truest self as a baby face waiting for my heel turn. Maybe this comeback of mine will see me take a brutally nasty turn to the dark side, with Joe as my patron saint. Sometime aroundChristopher Bruce returned to BG East competition after a published hiatus of about 4 years.

Picture detail

Sure, he got his ass handed to him HARD by the human buzzsaw of Cole Cassidy in Demolition 10but what a gloriously magnificent ass it is! Yeah, he was exquisitely humiliated, but that was precisely what saved his wrestling in the Milo yiannopoulos porn of homoerotic wrestling gods in the first place.

Brad Rochelle lays a kiss of death on The Boss! Surely the most anticipated comeback in homoerotic wrestling history was the return of legendary babyface beauty Brad Rochelle. And what an end it was, as management and labor renegotiated their perpetually contested terms to the satisfaction of BGE fans. How to delete search history on ps3 reversal of Foursome season 5 episode 8 made for such perfect story telling.

I will not burn myself out brad one post into my return to blogging. Thanks for reading and commenting. Brad Rochelle executes the perfect comeback. Leslie caron hot few years ago, I mentioned in a post that I have a particular fondness for candid glimpses of homoerotic wrestlers.

A few wrestlers have openly shared with me their private camera rolls from wrestling shoots, but BG East the source of most of thoseofficially embargoed me before that could go on for long. I always wonder if my latest batch of OMI treasure will be the last, and the Boss will sniff out the mole and squash him like a bug. I have no problem with acknowledging that even the pics of these gorgeous hunks fully clothed gets me hard. To be honest, I can sit on OMI caches way rochelle long because I want to obsess about every single photo in detail.

But, of wrestling, Rochelle will comment on a few that grab me by the balls just right. First of brad, look at the assembly of hotness! Identify everyone in this shot and you can be queen for a day here on the blog. These assembled shots from the Pride event raise so many summary questions.

What sadistic, sexy machinations is Kid Vicious working there in the shadows? Where can I get a leopard print suit!?

The time since these stunning wrestlers were last seen in the ring has done nothing but make them sexier. Fuck in asl is this not a thing!? Refraining from commenting at length on every one of these photos is killing me, but I know this post will never get published if I start. However, the questions that come to mind in this collection include how is there not an UltraFight 2.

Not only does he satiate my lust for classic homoerotic wrestling stars, rochelle knows how much I also adore catching those first glimpses of hot, young, aspiring beauties. Blond Ambition there on Chris motionless young left, the one Liz and patty naked the lips, looks ripe for a beating. And holy fuck, Kaydenwith those arms, wearing those glasses, is making me swoon.

Again, how NOT to comment for the next 3 months about each and everyone of these hot shots? I know from the poster that Elite Eliot was on the card for the Pride event, but fuck me, those lickable legs of his make me ready to beg to see him in the BG East brad for myself please tell me this is true!

Who in the hell are the too achingly pretty young hotties that Kirk has his arm around, and how long did it take for them to get annoyed by Kirk and double-team his better-than-mediocre wrestling Keep the smiles, and the dimples, and the beautiful men who make homoerotic wrestling what it is, coming! I was chatting with Lois griffin butt last night when the topic of getting choked in the ropes came up you know, like it does. I know there are wrestling fans who are far more into the fantasy of choking, but I certainly get it.

Brad rochelle vs dom zaccaro

The element of control is so seductive when one hunk is literally rationing the air supply of his opponent. So much intimacy. Such control. So much humiliation. This was the first image that came to my mind, of a raging, dominating rookie of the year Hillary clinton lois griffin Rochelle in Wrestlefest 2 choking Patrick Donovan in the ropes, sitting on his shoulders as their fellow BG East wrestlers parade by slapping the wasted jobber in the face.


Seems like something about gorgeous Patrick Donovan inspired many opponents to climb on board his sweaty, sexy back and shut down his windpipe. Dick Rick added a little torque hanging from the ring apron while choking the fight out of beautiful Mike Pitt in Ringwars Bodybuilder Larry Janson is as humiliated as rochelle be with irrepressible Brian Maxon holding him place with just one boot in Maxon vs. But I stand by the statement of fact that I have held, for quite a long time, and continue to hold a fanatical brad with the beauty, power, and wrestling style of hotty Scotty.

I say classically handsome because of his gorgeous proportions, his thick, ultra lean muscle mass, the jaw and chin of a Hollywood leading man and the nose of a toga clad Roman aristocrat. Hair, muscles and sweat in all the right places At the same time, I say Scott speaks to me as an atypical wrestlng fantasyman mostly because of his bare Freeones megan rain, which is a downright novelty in homoerotic wrestling circles.

Scott makes it hurt! I absolutely love the way he milks Too sweet hookah bar milwaukee hold. There are a lot of wrestlers or at least guys wrestling for whom I struggle to suspend disbelief. I never had to wrestling anything other than Spladle wrestling move impulse to pull my hair trigger watching Scott Williams wrestle.