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Visual novels are interactive stories.

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Visual novels are interactive stories. They focus mainly on character development and plot rather than action and gameplay mechanics. Suggest updated description. Genre focused on romances between men. Also referred to BL Pittsburgh massage happy ending Yaoi. Explore Visual Novel games tagged Boys' Love on itch.

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Hashihime of the Old Book Town is probably my favorite, Sexy valentine ecards the caveat that I only truly loved the first two routes, the other routes and the true ending are a bit more controversial. It's more like a kinetic novel though since route order is enforced. I liked what I've played of Gakuen Heaven 2, but I never finished it and it's set in a school so it might not be as exciting for you.

Best bl visual novels/ visual novels with gay routes in english?

Whoaa thank you so much! Couldn't agree more!

I was totally in love with the game until I played the final three routes, with the final one gut-punching me something awful. I really just wish I hadn't completed the last ones or could rewrite the last chapters Believe Cat wrong hole, I was so tempted to try to mod it Following for interest. This sub is about Overwatch sound cuts out novels- tbh I dont like the idea of "this sub is for bxg" because its It's for visual novels????

I'm not saying it SHOULD be for BxG, just that an awful lot of posters here are bishoujo fans, and a surprising of them don't even realise other games exist.

So when I see people asking questions that get totally neglected, I sometimes try to redirect them to where they might get better answers rather than leave them floundering. There are lots of visual novels we're Wikipedia ejaculation video NOT supposed to talk about here iirc, or at least that used to be in the rules, though with the sub changes in the past year I'm not sure how much that's still true.

This particular reddit focuses more on BxG games - while there are BL fans around there's not that many of them which is probably why this question got ignored. They have a wiki with a few game recommendations at least, Escort chicago latinas on the other hand they're also busy posting a lot of general porn and manga and stuff rather than focusing on games.

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I don't know if there's a specific sub for BL games Camp buddy is an excellent BL visual novel but the protag is a switch depending on the route. Plus English voice acting.

Another good on is Chess Hottest coaches wives Blades, great story, good characters at least most of them and English voice acting. Not only the roles but the characters too except hunter, the poor poor cherry boy xd and I'm looking for something more romantic but I might try hunters route because he's so cute! I'll try chess of blades too! Thank you UWU. Do you have any other specifics?

Our top 9 boys in boys love (bl) visual novels

It's exclusively gay routes and the main character is the "female" you'll know what I mean if you read it, but he is a male and so far he has been exclusively the bottom I guess you could say. All the other male characters are the more dominant ones. The main character is kind of a timid shy type. Just be warned that it has a lot of body horror. Knowing Nitro I wouldn't doubt it, though. It still has sweet moments, too.

I heard it's really gory and sad, I'll try Doom 2016 prowler tho!

Thank you! I'm probably late, but please try Cage -Open-! It's my favorite and it needs more exposure. Its characters, to me, are amazing.

Are you fine with the games that change pronouns only? Like he, she, or they.

If so than I recommend Where the night comesWayhaven book 1 and 2, the arcana, and andromeda 6 still ongoing. I don't mind them actually, I'll happily try that!

Found the internet! Posted by 1 year ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Plus English voice acting Another good on is Chess of Blades, great story, good characters at least most of Jordana brewster booty and English voice acting. You mind traps? Try trap shrine. More posts from the visualnovels community. A community for discussing visual novels, their development, and the medium. Created Aug 31, Top posts june 14th Top posts of june, Top posts Celestina kitchen nightmares Back to Top.