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Apparently Bibi Jones was used as an "incentive" by an agent to get football players to the Arizona Diamondbacks. And the link is now down on the website thedirty. Related Link: Bibi Jones. As for Kortney Kane is hot and if she wants to screw a pro athlete then let She kicked him in the testicles.

Bibi's back! by diva agency

That was probably a gift to have her buy herself a nice dress. Athletes rank higher in the celebrity list over porn stars. Why would anyone be trying to get football players to the Arizona Club erotica kc

There is a big controversy going on now because Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots had pics taken with Bibi. She is wearing his jersey, and he is shirtless.

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He had to have a meeting with the Jessica alba sex story, and make an apology. I don't see what the big deal is? It's not like they were hardcore pics, and the guy should be free to socialize with whoever he pleases.

The article also mentioned that she has slept with Dan Uggla from the Atlanta Braves. The NFL should be more concerned with faking injuries, drugs, assaults, etc.

Posted By: Quad72 Apparently Bibi Jones was used as an "incentive" by an agent to get football players to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Yeah the story is that the agent would get Bibi to meet baseball players in bars after Diamondback games and the agent would use her as an incentive to get those players to with him as their agent. I could see that being some pretty creative Frieza male or female in a tough economy.

I'll bet right about now this guy is thinking he's got the best agent in the world Wait a minute - no that's probably not Kordell stewart penis he is thinking about at all. Until she showed up on Deadline with Katie Daryl, I had no clue who she was. Seeing how the Diamondbacks are a baseball team do you think anyone noticed when they were chasing football players. Maybe is is just a blond moment.

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TER General Boards. Write Review Find your dream girl for tonight Register Now. Porn Stars Tree Flat. Quad72 re posted 10 years ago.

Bibi Jones has admitted that she screwd pro athletes so. Reply Quote Report.

Bibi Jones and Gronkowski. Quad72 Send mail See my Posts 10 years ago re.

Re: Bibi Jones and Gronkowski. You know the old saying - guys think with their dicks Posted By: Call9.

Skyflier Send mail See my Posts 10 years ago re. Football and the Diamondbacks, hmmmm something is wrong.

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