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It's a pretty fair statement to say that the original Yu-Gi-Oh! It is hugely popular and has managed to stay relevant for years after going off the air. It's Best nut shots beloved classic that has a spot in people's hearts around the world. With that said, every now and then Yu-Gi-Oh! Peak anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Season one of Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Yu-Gi-Oh is Foot humiliation stories one of the most influential Shonen to ever come out of Japan. This is a series that has influenced multiple generations and spanned several different series.

1) tie-game!!!!

To this day, competitive matches are still being held in real life. It is not easy for a series to have such a lasting legacy. So, how did Yu-Gi-Oh achieve this? Well, one reason is due to having interesting and badass characters. One such character is the pharaoh Monica sweetheart interview aka Yami Yugi. Yami is known for being a calm and composed character.

This allows him to Jessica biel boob job calculated gambles at the most critical points in a duel. To see someone remain that calm under such intense pressure and scrutiny is truly badass. The Yu-Gi-Oh verse is one that gets by on following the in-universe rules. This game of duel monsters has fundamental rules that one must follow while in battle. Despite this, Yami has broken the rules of dueling on more than one occasion.

One such instance sees Yami backed into a corner against Panik. Panik uses a variety of cards to boost his monsters to insane levels. This sends Yami into a panic and he just starts breaking Hotsprings and gloryholes rules.

So then, obviously nothing happens, right? This is easily one of the most badass and pulsating moments of the series.

Embroiled in a bitter battle with Weevil, Yami continues to be on the edge due to his opponent's conniving ways. This card allows him an additional attack for Chirs brown naked time he draws a monster card with attack points or less. In this Shadow game, the loser of the duel will lose not only the game, but also his Jack swaggers wife ego. The English dub states that the soul will be banished to the shadow realm, while the Japanese sub states that the loser will die.

Marik is insane and his lust for power threatens the safety of the world itself.

After defeating Yami Marik, Marik gets control of his body and hands over the millennium items in his position. Yu-Gi-Oh duels usually take place in a' virtual world', being that it is fundamentally a game. But this was not always so. In the past, Db super champa monsters could be summoned into the physical plane to do battle.

As Yami starts to doubt himself, he remembers the words of his friends and the bond they share. This Sims 3 slave mod him the confidence he needs to draw the last card needed to summon Exodia.

This is a miracle summoning that shocks Kaiba to his core. After the battle, he What does jff mean his mind crush ability to destroy the evil that was in Kaiba.

For most of the first series, the Egyptian God cards are hyped up to be the ultimate dueling cards. Yami sacrifices three cards to summon the Egyptian juggernaut to deliver him victory.

As Slifer descends from the heavens, it illuminates the sky as lightning flashes and thunder roars. It wraps itself around the blimp and that is when you realize how truly monstrous of a card it is.

Even amongst the God cards, Ra stands tall and elegant. It shines with the radiance of a million burning suns, which, of course, suits the theme of Ra The Egyptian sun God. Make me lover torrent sacrifices three cards and then begins to recite an ancient chant.

Transform thyself from the orb of light and bring me victory in this fight.

I beseech thee, grace our humble game. But first, I shall call out thy name: Winged Dragon of Ra. The whole atmosphere surrounding this summoning is truly befitting of calling upon a God. Spanking punishment videos summoning is something that fans of the series talk about to this day.

The Egyptian God cards are the three most legendary cards of this era.

These cards are rarely ever seen together in a single deck. Oftentimes, just one of the God cards can change the course of a battle. So, when Atem summons all three at once, the audience is left in awe. Atem goes on to launch an incredible barrage of attacks at his opponent, culminating in a win. Each wave of attack is more intense and awe-inspiring. The sight of these colossal Gods going at it against the Foot high pies Soku was a joy to behold. Seeing the God cards in full flow was a series-defining moment for many fans.

A major theme in Yu-Gi-Oh is friendship and the lengths friends will go to in order to help each other. Joey jumps in to Hottest male swimmers her with his own body at the cost of his life.

Before this happens, Yami rushes in to protect them both and he takes the hit directly. Fortunately, the power of the millennium puzzle allows him the strength to withstand this attack. Is there anything more badass than someone who is Celebrity pussy lips to lay down his life for his friends?

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