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Swede manga hunt for Berserk for courtship

Since DS2, I have always written the message, "Guts ahead" before the greatsword item location. Guaranteed positive ratings! Damn, I never even thought about that.

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Berserk is among the longest-running manga in the world.

Age: 31
My sexual preference: I like man
My gender: Girl
Hair: I have got crisp hair
My body features: My body features is medium-build
I prefer to listen: Opera
I like piercing: I don't have piercings
Smoker: No

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Lol, sounds like a dumb post, but damn I've never seen these type of monsters in other manga.

You should try reading some of Go Nagai's works. Miura does cite him as an influence.

I have been meaning to get on Devil man and Violence Jack for awhile now. Also, a new Devil man anime is being made!

Powerups are unlocked in r/creepy

I love the phallic des Park bom boobs the Apostles. Miura is apparently a huge fan of the movie Alien one of my all time favorite filmsand you can tell that he was inspired by the de of the xenomorph. Miura actually seems to borrow elements from a lot of awesome things for Berserk :.

Almost all monsters and apostles fit into one or both of those .

And of course, man, the most horrible monster of all. Yeah, I remember the giant walking penis. Found the internet! Beserk monsters are Posted by 5 years ago.

Sort by: best. Continue this thread. Battle angel has some pretty wild creatures.

Man is monster? You have a weird penis. More posts from the Berserk community.

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