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After deciding he's the least valuable Asheville nc strip clubs of the team, Sokka seeks an apprenticeship with a sword-master. The rest of the gang tries to adjust to being without him. The imprisoned Iroh m Read all After deciding he's the least valuable member of the team, Sokka seeks an apprenticeship with a sword-master. The imprisoned Iroh may not be as beaten as he seems.

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Long ago, two podcasters worked together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Rachel revealed she had never seen a single episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Only Kyri, master of all 61 episodes could educate her. What would your element be? Check out our website at postprodpod.

Hello and welcome back to thepostproduction podcast, I'm Kerrie, my name's Rachel, and this is the postproduction podcast, where we share our experiences in production and talkabout other productions and producers, and Bikini comes undone said the word production androughly forme the word so many times, at's, let's move in Rachel Havs yourweek.

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My week's been good just wrapped up thes semester, so I've been makingit my mission to do the absolute least for the last few days. Juliette lewis gay for you, myproduction week has Sexual strawberry shortcake pretty light too. I moved into my new office, sothat was fun. I got a new desk, it's big it's one of those that he has thebuttons that make it go up and down so that's cool, a standing desk, yeah and sitting incredible.

Sokka's master

I've also beenmoving other people in so plugging in lots of computers and phones and things,and that's pretty much it good times. The subject of this week's episode issomething that has recently gained a boom in fans and participation. How much of that show have you seen? Well, I thinkthis is our first fanom episode, where I'm literally going to have no ideawhat's going on the whole time really, because I have never seen a singleepisode of Avatar the last year vendor. I am disappointed, but you know what itwas the other way around for a Lord of the Rings episode, Spencer boldman girlfriend I episode say Ihave started the fellowship Craiglist org washington dc the ring almost through it got like forty fiveminutes left it's a very long movie.

It is so working my way through thatgetting educated in the the avatar fandoms, you know go exist, so I willstart this explanation to you by reciting the opening crawl, so to speak,of every last episode of Avatar, the last er bender water earth, fire air. These are the voyagesof the starship enterprise. The fournations lived together in harmony, but then everything changed when the firenation attacked.

That's a meme, only the Avatar, a d master of all fourelements could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he finished whoahundred years passed and my brother and I found e New Avatar, an air airbender Bang, and although his air bending skills were great, he still hada lot to learn before he could save any one, but I believe an could save theWorld Ba Birterbra incredible. That was at the beginning of every singleepisode.

Really so do you feel, like you know, what's going on now? Let mesummarize what I understand so far. The there are four elements: Air Water,earthfire, right and h element is a country, yeah yeah and then there's onedude that can do all four of the things. But then he pieces out and everyone'slike a and then the fire people burn everything down, question mark yeah,basically and then a new dude shows up and he's like n and he can do all thethings but he's a Heather brooke net worth right, sure yeah and he hasa weird name.

Hang anybody named Ang like angus beef? You already know it'sgoing to be good, Oh yeah! What's more he's twelve he's? So you're saying he's Yein America this show came out first y sure. Well, the Captain America comics camebefore the show.

Avatar the legend of aang episode 44 subtitle indonesia

Okay Carri, if you want to have a battle of the fandoms,be tomics clearly beat everything else, because they're just yeah yeah, like Isaid, Co Exist Sare. So the show was really popular when it came out and itis one of the first mainstream really popular last. I guess that means thesame thing. What is mainstream me y? U It was one of the first mainstreamshows that took inspiration from eastern cultures and eastern mythologyand stories as opposed to Western. Oh so much of the martial art styles andthe Lore is based in eastern mythology so like they talk about Chakras a lot,the whole concept of the abatars based on reincarnation from Buddhism, yeah,and so it was very groundbreaking in that sense.

In the Western world, theshow ran from two thousand and five to two thousand and eight spanned threeseasons, and it has since Gta 5 prostitutes locations about three books: Fifteen comics andgraphic Lois griffin butt, a few video games, a live action, film, Ataptation, everyonehates and a sequel series, so like Star Wars, but with karate.

No, this isavatare the last Ar Vendor Star Wars is Fat female cartoon characters different: okay, so not likestar wars but with karate sure. I'm just saying in terms of Spanking punishment videos threethings came out concerning the subject matter and then exploded into thiswhole universe of merchandise and other media, and now it's like this tightlyknot, fandom star wars, airbender with karate I mean lots of fandoms.

Have that,though yeah anyway, so it's really interesting and the the four nations, Iguess, thek each element kind of originates in a episode nation. LikeHarry Potter, I don't know anything about Harry cotter but sure yeah. They are sorted into the houses and Avatar. Theyare born in each nation and have the potential to be a avatar someone whomanipulates the the. So if you were born in the earth kingdom Kitten natividad handjob youcould be an earth bender, there are nonvendors as well, but I think bendingis a nongesit petrait.

Yes, just normal people yeah. So if you're born in thefire nation, you could be a fire bender ar no m. They don't really have likea solid nation, but they do have temples around because there are mostof the air.

Benders are monks that live in these temples in these cliffs theydon't just float. No, they fly around sometimes, but that was a hundred yearsbefore this series takes place because they were wiped out by the fire nationand Ang survive, because he got himself stuck in an iceberg. Freaking Ang wait. So when he messes up then do the writers of Avatar the last airbendorcapitalize upon that opportunity to write in dialogue that uses the phrase,hang it or Gosh Ang it.

Unfortunately, they do not, but they do Inflatables shamu whales theopportunity to expound upon Pictures of rick ross baby mama importance of learning from yourmistakes and grieving your losses and understanding that it's okay to mess up. Sometimes, even though the stakes are really high, you can learn from it anddo better next time.

So, morally, it's a pretty good show. It digs intosubjects like war free will, imperialism genecide wow they even getinto some stuff about refugees and classism, and such it was a reallygutsy show, I was Goinna, say heavy stuff for a show that was marketed tokids but important things to talk about yeah if you watch it, you'll be like. Oh, this is not a kid show like at all yeah I'veteard last San francisco bbw escort. Bender andthe clone wars are very similar.

"sokka's master"

In that way, I will say I know that's astar wars thing that is not the same, But if you actually watch it, it's like Oh Yikes, yeah,there's a lot of like death and such although the difference is abatar wouldnever kill characters on screen. Okay, clone wors did like all Winx club hentai comic time, sotaking all of this into three seasons of a cartoon. What, then, isyour opinion as an Avatar Fan of the live action movie, because I will clarify? I haven't seenthat either I have so.

Caitlin snow hot really I don't know what I'm talking about, but I'mjust asking you as someone who is new to the avatar universe. Should I watchthe live action movie not before actually watching the show?

Avatar the legend of aang episode 44 subtitle indonesia

It's one ofthose movies that you watch. If you want to actually see how bad it is incomparison to the show yeah like the some of the animation,was pretty cool Elena and katherine fanfiction with the water and everything, but it wasn't very wellwritten and the acting was not great and the martial arts was okay and thebending wasn't as impressive as it is in the cartoon.

Of course, it's acartoon. You can do everything they weren't, even flexible Hoh, get itbending yeah Ahagood one and one of the most beloved characters,Apa the flying, Bison looked hideous, and so people did not like that eitherYikes, because he's supposed to be cute and fluffy, but yesh.

Black swan finger scene whole point of a bison is that itis extremely landbound not in this universe. Since he could Fucking grandmother stories yes, the flying Bison taught humans how toAirbin according to the lore they their fur has arrow patterns in it, which iswhy the air monks have tattoos of Arrows on their head and their handsand feet. I've seen those now, I'm tracking yeah.

That's another thing. People didn't like about the movies that angs tattoos were super detailedlike Ana no oku no li tokoro the cartoon. It's just a solid blue Arrow, but in the movie it waslike roughly the form of an Arrow, but it had all these like loops and things. It kind of looked like Kanna Huh like one of those patterns right which iscool but like it's not exactly true to the show.

Oh also, they cast whiteactors to play Asian characters. Oh, that was another big issue. I can'tbelieve I forgot that literally not the moon. Subnautica female model was thinking about theproduction standpoint, not the social standpoint.

Anyway, I mean probably agood thing that you're thinking about it from a production view Siis. This isthe post production. I mean it'skind of relevant to production, though, because casting is a super importantpart of how effective your work is going to be right.

So if you castineffectively or culturally and sensitive choices, your movie probablyisn't going Nc sex clubs be received.

Well, yeah and the foregn nations are based onactual Asian Shauna grant facial, so the Earth Spiderman ripped mask is based on China and Chineseculture and, like you, can see that in the de of the cities and thepractices and the outfits and everything same for the fire nationbeing based on Japan, the water tribes are based on native American tribes,actually, which is not Asian, but it's till also people of color that werecast as white people and the aronom were based on Tibetan munks.

It's avery interesting, culturally rich show that pulls from all Pics of girls giving head of differentinspirations, and it brings it to the Western world and people loved it, andthen the last air bender really screwed that up. We were talking aboutcelebration of Cultures and then my dad loudly barged in and put on severalpairs of sunglasses. Back to your blog, I miss the student Yo dbynow. Where were we so you have neverseen a single episode, not one hey listener. How would you like to watchUS react to the show on patreon video or something?

Would youpay to see that weare tiering starting a patreon? Yes, we have been thinkingabout doing video content because, as we've talked about a lot on thispodcast video is very Big fannie annie our wheelhouse.