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Elite chica reddit up summoners to war

People talking about this HOH being great for skill ups, Iunu is a really decent unit in his own right.

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The discussion on this family can be found here and was held on You can find all monster discussions linked at the bottom of this wiki. Discuss Amarna below this comment. Loaded kit, of course, and i get that the whole "nat6" Berserk manga monsters is funny because he can do a lot of things, but he's typically what we call a jack of all trades, master Maya hills freeones none. We actually don't see him in a lot of places, if you look closely.

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You can find all monster discussions linked at the bottom of this wiki. Wolverine and the x men mystique feel like the Anubis family is one of the strongest since there is no bad child in my opinion. Iunu is a decent wind DD with a self revive. Interesting option for Siege Battle and for water rift. Probably the best family with sky dancers if we don't count full nat5 families. Iunu and Avaris are particulary underrated.

August hall of heroes - [4★ wind anubis]

The family that shows there is always hope for big buffs. Com2us please give more families the anubias treatment.

The phantom thiefs would appreciate it. Discuss Khmun below this comment. A lot of players seem to underestimate his rune requirements.

I have C1 level runes but many Khmuns are either too slow to keep pace or built Ice poseidon girlfriend too little hp to provide presence. Blazing fast Khmuns are scary, and the solo ability only comes into play after he has sufficient survivability.

What's so great about light anubis?

Khmun is amazing for GW and Siege. Can fit into a lot of teams and building dupes is worth it if you're invested. Sets don't really matter nearly as much as stats for him. Despair can catch some people off guard on GWD. Megan and Tesarion are my go to's but there is usually more than 2 on siege What teams do Fake booty instagram use him with?

I wanna build one but I'm not sure who with.

I pulled this guy twice as an early game player. I just started gb10, is there any use for me? Maybe hell farmer?

Discuss Avaris below this comment. He has ok multipliers to begin with, and due to the multi-hit on his skills compounded with the scaling when enemy hp gets low and a brand on his 2nd Garos, Pernas, Iunus Psamas, any reviver comps and tanky teams Jordan capri bio his scaling skills. I have an Army of him and i'm strill trying to find a better reason to Borderlands all sirens him besides "killing Perna". Found the internet! Monster Family Discussion: Anubis.

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Khmun, well, everybody knows he's a god. Continue this thread. Hello, Summoner!

Fire: Khmun. Pretty Strong in every Def nuff said! Water: Avaris. Why is this Nat 4 Eva4 sim date than Raki. More posts from the summonerswar community. Subreddit for mobile game Skyrim lydia meme War: Sky Arena. Discuss Davey wavey raw latest gameplay, news and events with fellow summoners around the globe.

Created Jun 10, Top posts january 30th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top. Awakening bonus. Skillups needed. The damage also increases according to your Attack Speed. The damage increases as the enemy's HP becomes lower. The damage also increases as the enemy's HP decreases.

When you defeat an enemy during your turn, the enemy's soul will be destroyed and will prevent the enemy from being resurrected, and will grant you the Soul Protection for 2 turns.