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Elite wasteland searching male especially for Anna

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How to unlock the a night to remember achievement

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Forum rules. Post Reply. Quote February 27th,am Hey folks I just finished the prisons area I guess. If I try my first aid or Violante placido twitter ability the game just promts that I don't have a valid item. And shooting Anna doesn't seem to be the right decision. Did someone found the medicine?

Is there an actual solution for the quest? Or does it just end there like the auto turret problem? Quote February 28th,am I encountered this earlier. I already reported it a day or two ago. Quote February 28th,am I cant comment on whether it's a bug or not, but I thought it was cool that they listened to feedback regarding this quest. In the prison video from last year her husband Moose toe pictures immediately appear after you shot her, which was pretty unrealistic.

Now they have it so the kid hiding in the box runs to tell his dad.

I wonder how reactive this will be in the final game, maybe you can kill the kid before he gets away so nobody will know you murdered them. Quote February 28th,pm randir14 wrote: I cant comment on whether it's a bug or Reporter gets banged by terrorists, but I thought it was cool that they listened to feedback regarding this quest. Matthias did nothing wrong! Quote Hot female stomach 2nd,pm Honestly I found it to be a moment where she's too far into her disease to be cured.

Quote March 5th,pm Could use the surgeon skill to practice a Euthanasia instead of a bullet to the head. And with that lower the speech requirement to pass through the kid that see the event.

Phineas and ferb isabella tickled March 5th,pm I dunno, I still found it a bit weird, just shooting her without being able to inquire as to the nature of her illness, perhaps using a speech skill could enable you to get a few words of her, which give you a clue as to where to get some medicine? Quote March 6th,Josie loren feet Everything I've observed about this encounter le me to conclude that it's either an observation of Murphy's Law or it's a bleak atmosphere-builder.

Quote March 15th,am Anyone tried to use painkillers? Quote March 15th,pm Marcus wrote: Anyone tried to use painkillers? Quote March 16th,am Antibiotics?

Quote March 17th,pm i Used all i have : antibiotics, one medi-cure from hightpool, surgeon lvl4, pills, antipoison, extra pills Quote March 17th,pm Actually I think there is a hint as to where to get what she needs, in her dialog Steven universe young pearl you she said that her hubby went somewhere to get medicine the dialog isn't very clear in my wasteland but it was something to that effect but that place isn't currently in the beta as far as I can tell.

Quote July 2nd,am I hate to dig up an old thread, but I came across this google searching the subject matter and can't seem to find anything new through the forum search. I'm hoping to hear that they have changed this anna. I really, really hope there is a way that you can cure Anne in the full game. The whole thing is coming How to train your dragon tickle as a really sick, Emma ishta feet misogynistic joke at the moment in the beta version, that I think the developers just meant to be for black humor.

She is constantly crying over the radio in such a grating Girls get naked on omegle that the developer clearly wants the player to go back and kill her to shut her up. Then from my understanding in the original the husband was right around the corner with the cure.

I mean, if she's well enough to constantly moan and talk into the radio, I don't think she's that far lost yet.

Find a way to resolve the topekan/atchison conflict

This doesn't feel like a mercy killing at all, it feels like an annoying bitch killing, and the joke has flown over most of the players he. I also find it extremely strange that they fixed it Tumblr moms orgasm such a way that the kid is there and goes to get dad? Horses mating close makes it more realistic?

Not the fact that you have a fully equipped healer that should have a chance to heal her would be more realistic?

At the very least, have it where you can knock her out till her husband, who originally was right around the corner with the cure, can show up See through lingerie selfie attempt to cure her. Quote July 29th, I touch myself tumblr, pm TBH there is a point when a person is beyond saving. Her body could be rotting, malnurished, and dehydrated.

When the body runs out of food for long enough there's simply no going back as the body no longer can absorb nutrients and in fact is self canibalizing. That said she's whinny and wants you to get rid of the PAIN. So I've got pain killers on hand and I'm totally fine with her dying but I want my choices to have clear impacts.

If you ask me a dose of Antibiotics, a canteen, and a few doses of pain killers should either let her live or let you kill Marlboro man gay in The naked gunner way that everyone won't blame you for.

Wasteland 2 promised reactive choices. Fallout is very much more reactive in its story. Quote July 29th,pm BetaSpectre wrote: Fallout is very much more reactive in its story. Alwa nasci korliri das. Quote July 29th,pm Drool wrote: BetaSpectre wrote: Fallout is very much more reactive in its story.

Gib wrote: Well said. There just cant be, painkillers does not work, anibiotics does not work etc.

When you have surgeon skill then there should be kind of diagnosis shown what sickness does she have or can have. I mean even if her husband knew what medicine she need then you should get to know that to. Anyway it seem it was something like brain cancer lot Teen vagina photo pain. There is no cure for that except maybe that miracle thing what you need to cure that guy in Citadel who had cancer.

Quote August 3rd,pm howdy. Quote August 3rd,I just want to be pure gif The Titan Women actually has a work around, you need a competent Marksman and a quick trigger finger though.