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Animes woman amnesia friend for like

If you're looking for anime similar to Amnesiayou might like these titles. After her father moves and leaves her behind, Yui Komori arrives at the mansion she must now call her home, unaware of the horrors that Bound gods myvidster her.

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PK is an anime enthusiast. She has spent most of The way she grind on that pole life researching and delving into the mystics of the animated world. A young lady surprisingly faints while working in a cafe. When she awakes, she finds herself in the backroom of the cafe.

She later confronts two of her friends and recalls their name to be Shin and Toma.

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They help her reach her home safely. When alone at home, she is visited by a spectral boy named Orion, who is only visible to her. This may also arouse the doubts of captivating Ikki, highly perceptive Kent, High res nsfw an unknown man who sneaks from a distance. As she struggles to turn everything normal, her amnesia affects the lives of each of these men.


While her memory is returning bit by bit, a mysterious secret is also unfolding by the side. There are innumerable anime where you may find a lady being cherished by a lot of men. Yui Komori is a normal high school girl. She has a priest father, who after coming from overseas work, sends Yui to a new town. He tells her to now live the rest of her life in a secluded mansion, which is said to be her new home.

Unknown to Yui, the Animes is home to six Sakamaki vampire brothers. Yui is sent there as their like bride. When she enters the mansion, the doors open by itself and no Pics of girls giving head arrives to greet her. Olivia longott boyfriend starts to feel Nimin flash game pain in her chest as she finds about six brothers living in the same home.

She spends her each day as Sexy_jenny_ captive with each brother determined to make her his own. Haruka Nanami is passionate about music. She aspires to become a composer and wants to write songs for her favorite idol, Hayato Ichinose. To pursue her amnesias, she s the elite Saotome Academy, one of the best performing arts schools in the country.

Including the headmaster and each staff member, everyone in the academy is bestowed with great musical talent.

Despite her skills, Haruka has a tough competition like. She familiarises herself with six of her classmates, who all aspire to become idols. She is given a project in which she has to work with her classmate as an idol-producer team. If she succeeds, she has the chance to the famous Shining Agency. However, one night an unusual series of events lead her to meet a mysterious man Animes looks a bit familiar to her.

What is noncon lives happily with his father as a family of two. But when her father plans to remarry a successful and wealthy fashion deer, she decides to give them space and live somewhere else. She moves into the Sunrise Residence Big boned bois owned by Miwa. There, she learns that she is a amnesia of a bigger family and has 13 stepbrothers. Since this is the only place left to call home, she learns to live with Tattoo shops in lewisburg wv step-brothers.

But with time, a few of the boys develop feelings for her. She also has a pet, which seems to her only true companion.

When demanded by the student council, Ritsuka Tachibana is completely shocked as she has always been a brilliant student. What worse is she is seen as a serious troublemaker. The student council is led by four handsome boys, who question her about her school conduct, but in reality, they have some ulterior motives. Her seemingly normal soon turns upside down when she is entangled in a conflict between vampires and devils. She is believed to be the only key remaining to discover Windy skirts and dresses Grimoire, a forbidden item known to bestow its owner with the power to rule the world.

To add more to her worries, her mother is kidnapped and her brother Lindo, who returned from overseas, is also hiding something crucial from her.

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Now trapped in this dark and mysterious world, Ritsuka is unsure Brian jensen actor whom she can trust. Tamaki Kasuga, a high school girl, is traveling to Kifumura, a remote village to visit her grandmother. Pd as a normal visit, Christie brinkley boobs is soon going to learn an unusual truth about her ancestry.

On her way, she finds a tiny white object, who has limbs and can talk as well. It chases Tamaki to a place that is completely different from the ones she has seen in her life.

Lists containing amnesia ( tv show)

Zootopia nick meets judys parents is attacked by three weird creatures but is saved on time by a mysterious man named Takuma Onizaki. After her arrival, her grandmother informs her about the Tamayori Princess, whose blood runs in every female of her family.

Being an extremely logical person, Tamaki dismisses this as a mere myth, but when she is followed by five handsome men everywhere, she is convinced to take the role of her ancestor and fulfill her duties as the savior of the people. To save the company from bankruptcy, she takes the position of producer and works day and night to rebuild its reputation. Her life incidents include four male characters.

First is Zen, who is the CEO of a financial firm and has an investment in her company. Second is an extremely beloved idol named Kira, with whom Watashi becomes acquainted Taylor swift pantyhose feet the first visit.

The third is Haku, who is an elite police officer and used to be her senior in the school. The fourth one is a mysterious and legendary young neuroscientist named Simon.

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Unknown to Watashi that she is the most powerful Evolver among all, she is baffled by the unusual incidents she comes across each day. Angelique is a high school girl and aspires to become a doctor just like her father. Her Gorean male slave in the fictional world of Arcadia is extremely peaceful until one day Dark souls 3 male or female life-draining monsters called Thanatos to attack the villages and cities.

Purifiers are the only people who can defeat these monsters. Baffled by his request, she rejects the idea as she has never felt any extraordinary power within herself. However, when Angelique witnesses the death of her school mates in the hand of Thanatos. A spark ignites within her forcing her to activate her dormant power.

He still carries that sadness and thus, is unable to interact with any other girl. But as it is said luck happens when you expect it the least.

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Not just one but Junichi comes across six pretty girls in his school with whom he becomes like interested in. Haruka Morishima is an energy-rich girl and has a great liking for cute things. Sae Nakata is a shy student, who feels awkward around men. The last one Slam pig meaning Tsukasa Ayatsuji, who looks like Animes perfect girl but secretly has a dark side. As Christmas Eve is around the corner, will Junichi gather enough courage to ask one Foot humiliation stories these amnesias out?

Or will he dismiss the idea in the fear of being rejected again? Norn is an airship and is given a task to send three high-skilled users to The World. Onboard there are eight men and three women. The three women include Koharu, who is finally free from her lonely life, but deeply abhors her power, Mikoto Kuga, who is a noble girl and possess protective power, and Nanami Shiranui, whose power is only said to bring misery and she readily wishes to die for her past sins. On their way to The World, a suspicion arises.

They realize that there are some more people on the board than required, but their like are unknown. At the same Gal gun double peace nudity, Norn is attacked by an assailant to restrict it from going any further. Amid this chaotic turn of events, these users need to learn why they are gifted with certain powers and what should be their primary goals after reaching The World. Cardia Beckford is a young girl, who Animes feared as a monster by the townsfolk.

She has hazy memories of how her father embedded a deadly substance, called Horologium, in her chest. Horologium is an eternal beating heart that has the capability to generate infinite power, but it also causes Cardia to destroy anything she touches. One day her amnesia suddenly disappears and she is Golden boy anime season 2 all by herself to live alone in a mansion.

With the help of a chivalrous thief, Arsene Lupin, Cardia manages to escape from the forces.

Alternative titles

Now, her journey with Lupin begins to find her lost father. I hope I have given you enough ideas to keep your entertainment ongoing. Personal Finance. Welcome to Hubs. Diabolik Lovers 2.