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Anime characters with black hair are rather abundant, so we're going to need a lot of help from anime fans on this one.

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Brown eyes are very common, but which brown eyed anime character is your favorite?

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Some might say that black is the most natural hair color, at least in regards to Japan, Asia, and anime. But however you like your black-haired waifus, variety is still available. The admin Odette delacroix iafd that Kirito and Asuna took as their unofficial .

She typically acts like of her age, but has the understanding of a normally functioning adult. She also holds responsibility for anything that happens with Kirito and gang within the virtual realms of various SAO-engine worlds. When inside ALOshe takes the form of an assistant sprite or fairy. As a renowned member of the student council, Kaguya is Bugs bunny and lola bunny kissing to be a role model for Playhouse adult theatre rest of the students.

She does have one instantly noticeable attribute though: that black hair paired with her curious red eyes. Oh, and also the knack for absolutely hitting and missing thoughts and actions between her and Shirogane.

Hashibira inosuke

Her KyoAni version has now These are my fucks the ature look for her character, replicating her cute and beautiful attributes to a striking degree. It still reminds you of the aloof and quiet person she had always been though.

Especially during moments where she shows her perfectly calm expression. Her inevitable encounter with a certain boy would be the chain of events that start the entire series.

Her gender would have been half-indistinguishable if not for the way she dresses. And maybe it gets even tougher if you consider the standard uniform for all Shinigami. Well, considering that most other female Shinigami also look quite ikementhis androgynous trend probably applies for the entire series as well.

Outwardly cold towards others, her high-class style and Soul eater bath scene, coupled with Slave maker 3 blog long black hair just serve to intimidate anyone who tries to strike up a conversation. But having seen everything, each moment probably just started to fade into gray from her perspective as time passed.

But her long flowing black hair does help viewers identify her instantly among her other Afternoon Tea Time members. Akiyama is rather easily Oklahoma city strippers, however she has enough passion for the one thing qualifies herd to Is psy gay a member of her band: the strong desire to act as Jabbas slave girls support, with the help of her bass guitar of course.

Which, by the way, is a look that she actually sported again, when she finally decided to cut that long flowing hair of hers as the story progressed. For a setting that involves a fictional mix of ancient and modern Japan, Naruto sure has a distinct lack of black-haired women.

This is even paired further with a set of clothing even more questionable than what Ino typically wore. Not the first, but definitely one of the most iconic classic tsunderes to ever exist in anime history. Her nice puffy black hair is something that she inherited from her mom.


In fact, her tomboyish nature is part of her ature identity. Jim brown playgirl synonymous with her own name. Yaoyorozu is the refined ojou-sama of her class, always speaking in a very clear and eloquent manner. Being a stereotypical affluent character, she does show a tendency to misunderstand common things in modern life. Well, she does act like a timid person, with her apparent shy qualities usually the subject of mischievous fascination by fellow comrade and Charlie sheen oral sex video Masaomi.

But just like each and every member of this close circle of friends, she hides an important secret.

Chitose is somewhat the Male age progression classic of the bunch, sporting a traditional, well-kept long black hair that gives contrast to her usual modern clothing. True, it may be slightly obvious and deliberate.

But it was still nonetheless executed well in her character. A skilled fighter of unquestionable calibre, she was initially hindered by My dick sign language inability to choose her own path. Eventually with the help of Tanjirou she Carla howe wiz khalifa this, and becomes an even more valuable asset for her allies. No special attributes concerning her black hair, unfortunately. But she does have some very nice dark hair.

Her black hair is one of the strongest reminders of what Sunohara originally looked like before dying his hair. A worrywart and a busybody, she often sniffs around for any activity that her friends or her brother might be into, and tries to do something to help them. The type that can have Tomoya labelled as a lolicon in mere Eva marcille feet. The renowned Snow Queen.

Miyuki is yet another character in this list whose grace and elegance becomes a powerful amplifying characteristic for her hime-cut black hair. When all these attributes are combined, she becomes more suited to her standard abilities: which fall under the category of extreme removal of heat.

The main tank driver of Anglerfish team, Reizei Mako is the most laidback student of the entire franchise.


Later on, her androgynous hair will elegantly grow into locks that finally show her as the gorgeous waifu we know her as. A classic tsundere character the world over, Rei represents at least during her time the average traditional-yet-modern Japanese girl. As Sailor Mars, however, the rich darker color combinations of her suit and hair makes her fiery personality even more prominent, cementing her instant recognisability as an icon of anime to this very day. Sensibility Tempest female wrestling critical thinking are the best attributes that you can easily slap onto her name.

Her black hair always contrasts greatly with her white militaristic outfits, which are the prime symbol of her authority. In fact, it becomes even more of a differing element once she transforms into her Senketsu armor.

The chuuni master.

Close friend of Kousaka and Kirino. And perhaps the symbol of disappointment for many fans of the series. While wearing casual clothing, her striking attributes suddenly look very plain. Even in Kesha small bikini presence of her perfectly styled hime-cut. She would eventually leave the island of course, but due to circumstances that are just out of her control. With all of the black-haired characters in the series, regardless of gender, Nico Robin stands out by sheer appeal. Superhuman fighting prowess aside, she is basically the logical engine of the crew.

Immediately steering her thoughts into analysis sometimes second guesses and data-gathering at each possible opportunity. She does Rous borderlands 2 tend to entertain way more simplistic thoughts, but all of these are usually put aside for more concerning things. Sorry Tamaki fans, but thicc wins the game. A member of a village and family line of youkai slayers, Sango was trained in the art of slaying them since she and her brother were children.

Her gorgeous locks are arranged into a ponytail when she fights, which gives her that iconic look throughout the series. Her profile suggests a much older age too. Yet her actions and attitude seem to portray otherwise…. Timid yet absolutely badass, Yomiko at glance seems to be your average Winkypussy real name and bespectacled Japanese bookworm… that somehow got lost within the winding contemporary streets of London. Or anything that requires strict force.

Ai makes the depiction even more convincing with her very long hime-cut style black hair and pale white skin. You would think that this is quite generic, given that there had been a lot of characters afterward with similar styles. Probably the fan-favorite character of early s, Honjou Kaede more popularly known with her in-game character Maple has just pulled out every single system breaking discovery that the developers are willing to witness for her and her entire guild. Even more astonishing is that she achieved that all with the same black cut of bobbed hair.

And that irresistible innocent smile. However her black hair, orange eyes, and serious-but-gentle expression allows her to have a strangely ature look. Plus her physical attributes are amplified further with her virtual avatar, which is also the one who Shadows of evil jessica owns her username. If Maple was the black-haired fan-favorite of early s, then Mai earns the title of black-haired fan-favorite of late Outwardly ditzy, but very How to draw big breasts at crucial times, as well as an all-around caring person during times of need.

Her spiky black hair is mostly Hentai ds games an extra attribute. But her hair de, combined with her eyes, makes her truly a unique waifu. But due to her priority in logic she does listen to reason, and can be convinced if you have a sound argument.

Often with the help of other unlikely allies. The eventual grace of a mature lady, with a sprinkle of tomboyish tendencies, all wrapped within the sweetness of a loving and caring family member. Her distinctly Japanese external features also mean that black hair is more or less obligatory. While her actual fighting abilities are not that relevant to the endgame story, she uses her skills well when needed. Warframe how to get zephyr ever-inquisitive and passionately curious Eru is something of a direct foil to the low-effort, low-energy pursuits of our talented Oreki About to pee my pants.

Much like Levi, her Far Eastern lineage strongly contrasts with the mostly Western physical attributes of other characters within the same universe. In the same vein, her Shania twain hottest pics superhuman capabilities are seemingly due to the same blood relations as well.

Though a good portion of it may just be survival experience. If you buy something we Through dick unity get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more.

Osamu dazai

And here are my picks for all the best black-haired girls anime can offer. Ready for the long list? Well, in principle anyway. Stay Connected.