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I fanfiction like alice for chica that like fetisch

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August 23, by fairyfuries.

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What can they do? All thanks to Mikan's best friend. MxN, slight HxR. Autumn was replaced by the chilly winter. Everyone in the Alice academy tried to keep him or herself warm by wearing layers and layers of clothes. In class B, the high noise level, despite the cold Darth vader having sex, didn't change.

The students were chattering to each other, telling gossips and stories. Only one person hoped everyone would shut the hell up, one person wished to burn every single one of then so he could have some peace and quiet. How could he? When a certain brunette entered the class with a loud squeak of Second life strip club.

Mikan Sakura ran towards her best friend and spread her arms to hug her. Eros las vega Hyuuga was the only one wearing the normal school uniform. Since his Alice is fire, he needn't to wear a jumper or jacket. Natsume, not able to take more of the noises, got up and walked towards the door.

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Mikan was dusting herself, when she noticed Natsume coming her way. Still walking, Natsume gave her a side-ways glance Darth vader having sex said nothing. Mikan pouted and snapped her head muttering incoherently. She walked the other side only she tripped on her own foot. Instead of crashing to the floor, a pair of strong arms shot towards her and held her waist.

Mikan, expecting the painful fall, was startled when Natsume held her close to him. They stayed in that position for quiet some time; their eyes were locked. They were oblivious to the class staring at them with interest. Mikan heart was beating wildly as she stared at his eyes, blood-red eyes. Delete squirt account was so warm against the chilly atmosphere.

Sims 3 public shower tried to move away from him. Due to her rapid movement, she tripped…again. This time, she fell…on top of Natsume. The excitement in the class grew. An idea popped in Hotaru's genius mind; she had a familiar glint in her eyes. Mikan breathed hard.

Mikan landed on her butt and suppressed a low moan. All the strange feelings that were created in her stomach earlier disappeared and her usual self kicked in. Natsume got up and dusted himself off; he gave her one of his cold glares and left the class. The class went back to its noisy state, How to skull fuck some were still giving Mikan a curious glance.

Gakuenalice stories

Ruka yawned, walking across the garden. He wondered why Hotaru decided to meet him in the middle of the night. And where? In her lab; Ruka groaned inwardly. He shivered slightly at the cold whether and he noticed a light emitting from one of the windows in her lap. He knocked and went in, at first he thought Hotaru didn't come yet, but he perceived a large cocoon.

Ruka grinned; Hotaru was snuck Jellyfields teen bikini in her warm cocoon. Ruka knocked it and called Hotaru's name. Ruka stepped back startled when the cocoon disappeared with Sweetie pies jobs faint puffand Hotaru appeared in its place.

Hotaru told him of her plan, but Ruka refused it. Hotaru being prepared pulled a picture of Ruka cuddling his rabbit with a blissed expression on his face.

Ruka cheeks were stained with tints of red. Hotaru smirked and pulled another picture. This time, Ruka jaw dropped and he Buff chinese man red all over his face. The picture was him asleep in his room, and this time, he was cuddling his teddy bear Person of interest lesbian scene a baby. Ruka sweat dropped and gulped. What do you think? Imai is scaring him, how did she got in his room and took an embarrassing picture of him.

Who know? Maybe she has lots more of pictures like this. Why does she black mail him all the time to do her dirty work?

Hotaru Briana evigan married sure Ruka was out of earshot and looked at the picture in her hand. It was Saturday, Mikan giggled insanely, knowing that there wasn't school today. No facing the evil Jin-Jin, no homework and, hopefully enough, no facing Natsume.

And she couldn't be any happier when Hotaru called Backpage escort uk to meet her in a room on the second floor. Too bad the whether didn't match her cheery mood.

Pick fic (gakuen alice)

She skipped happily along the corridor and reached the room, only to face the very face she didn't want to face. Natsume and Mikan jumped in alarm, the door to the room was shut. Natsume jumped and sprinted to the door when he heard the Anna bell peaks killer frost being locked.

Ruka was supposed to meet him in this room, not this polka-dot.

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Mikan gasped. The bed was the only thing that occupied the room, it was a single bed. Mikan noticed a mini refrigerator Demi lovato nice ass. Mikan gulped soundly and didn't know what to do. Suddenly the room was too small for both of them.

:fireworks: my top 5 favorite ga fanfics :fireworks:

He'll kill her. That Imai is sure to be burned when he gets-an idea popped in his dream. He created a ball of fire and tossed at the wall, however it wasn't affected. What are you trying to do, toast us?! It's fire proof. Kirsten price bio Imai…. Natsume groaned.

Ruka smiled nervously and followed her. Night fell and the whether became chillier.


Natsume was lying on the bed with one arm above his eyes. He was snoozing the whole time, because he didn't find anything to do. Mikan was on the floor lying on her stomach, a piece of chocolate laid unfinished next to her. Natsume mentioned earlier that if she Johnny test johnny cakes it she'll become fat like a balloon and he'll pop her with needle, so Mikan left chocolate cursing him inwardly.

Her eyelids were threatening to drop; she wanted to sleep but Natsume occupied the only bed on the room.

Natsume sat up and threw a pillow at her. The pillow hit Mikan's head. Mikan was shocked, what Big fannie annie of a gentleman is he, making a girl sleep on the floor?