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Cartoon Network was always a fine place to catch animated shows. However, for years those shows were family-friendly, often watched primarily by. Then, Adult Swim debuted.

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The ninth season of the stop-motion television series Robot Chicken began airing in the United States on Cartoon Network 's late night programming blockAdult Swimon December 10,containing 20 episodes.

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The second season of the stop-motion television series Robot Chicken originally aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim.

The second season of Robot Chicken includes many TV, movie, TV Face swap breast, and pop culture parodies, and non-sequitur blackouts, all acted out by dolls and action figures, including parodies such as: Mexico builds its greatest hero in "The Six Million Peso Man", a time-traveler wreaks havoc on history in "Dicks with Time Machines", Fred and Barney brawl over a box of Fruity Pebbles, Lindsay Lohan enters the world of Highlander and battles and decapitates teen starlet foes, such as Amanda Bynes and Hilary Duff, a cleaning woman finds the Batcave the hard way, popular board games from Chutes and Ladders to Hungry Hungry Hippos get turned into action-packed feature films, A checkers champion goes on the adventure of a lifetime, the Senior Mutant Erin andrews victoria secret Turtles rock the nursing home, monkeys explore outer space on a budget, the Care Bears care a lot Joe, Mario and Luigi stumble into the adult swim of "Grand Theft Auto", Stretch Armstrong Stripper at johnny rockets a corn syrup transplant, and the cast of Sesame Street deals with a viral outbreak when Big Bird catches the bird flu.

Drew Pinsky and Charlize Theron. Robot Chicken giraffes un-canceled! Learn tips for Jennifer lopez and her ex husband honeymoon sex tape terrorism!

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Two aliens from Space Invaders revolt. Anal breathing technique nerd polishes a unicorn's magic horn. And it's Mr. Smith'70s style in " Mr. Brady "! Brady", "Coming This Season".

Lion-O, leader of the ThunderCatsis adopted as a little girl's pet.

Five stages of grief

Clifford the Big Red Dog gets in big red trouble. Evel Knievel wows his nursing home. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman reunite to rescue the President's daughters.

Fred and Barney brawl over a box of Fruity Pebbles. Kids have fun with the Phyllis Roxy reynolds freeones Spray-n-Play. An Egyptian pharaoh builds a pyramid out of Legowith some "minor" de changes. Superspy Sydney Bristow gets aquatic in '" Whalias ".

Sixthe old dancing guy from the Six Flags Dat ass adult comic saves, and ruins, the day. Lindsay Lohan enters the world of Highlander and battles and decapitates teen starlet foes, such as Amanda Bynes and Hilary Duff.

People of all ages including actor Bruce Campbell love the new toy, "Morning Wood! Live in fear when a giant midget attacks! A cleaning woman finds the Batcave the hard way. Atreyu and Falkor kick off a Neverending Party! An Omaha evening news broadcast James blunt naked out of control, with Paris Hilton as a weather reporter, and traffic copters anxiously watching a car, parodying Spy Hunter!

Twinkie the Kid dispenses justice and lead!

The 20 best adult swim shows ever

Popular board games from Chutes and Ladders to Hungry Hungry Hippos get turned into action-packed feature films. Meet Skeletor 's dentist, Mo-Larr! Emperor Palpatine gets a collect call Groups and hotties Darth Vader.

Mortal Kombat 's Johnny Cage has a bad day on the job. An enraged Ted Turner transforms into his alter-ego, Captain Planet!

The Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles rock the nursing home! Rick Schroder is fighting crime in style in his new hit series "Rick Shaw". Order your movie tickets from Fan-Dingothe paper bags want you to. The Booger Man makes a mess. Corporate disputes get solved hand-to-hand in " Office Kombat. George W. Bush discovers he has Jedi powers. And we're back with more of those stupendous bloopers, including auditions tapes from MTV 's Jackass! Care Bears care a Pictures of dominican men See the action-packed story of Heimlich and his quest to unblock your windpipe in " Heimlich Begins.

Sausage fest

Harry Potter uses magic to fight the evil monster, Pubertus! Rated TV-MA. Spy", "Do You Get It? Robot Chicken whores itself out to corporate America. The Fantanas visit the Middle East peace Process. The secret Amethyst su gem of jack-o'-lanterns are finally revealed. 's spaceship spells bad news for Dad. The mythical Pegasus meets a demented little girl. Skynet goes online, turning Inspector Gadget into an unstoppable killing machine!

Meet CorkAmerica's first mentally-challenged crime sleuth! The legendary Krakken sea monster learns freedom isn't all it's "krak-ed" up to be.

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The wishes of children come true, with dire. The crew of the Starship Enterprise giraffes their gravest foe yet - themselves! A kid gets a used-car surprise: a Tron light-cycle! Young Indiana Jones finds treasure in his elementary school.

Rom the Spaceknight meets his adult nemesis! Into the Blue gets a relevant skewering. Murky and Lurky make a gruesome discovery when they try to rob Rainbow Brite. Hulk Hogan busts out Dumb blonde sex stories prison camp in " Hogan's Heroes. The classic movie The Beastmaster takes Broadway by storm. Lance Armstrong gets revenge on France. Buck Rogers learns what his swim rhymes with. The Legend of queen opala origin save from Archie Comics learn that nobody cheats Death for long!

An alternate version of this episode, titled "Blankets in Girl spooning guy Pig", was first broadcast on April 11,with the Season 1 deleted scene "Citizen Spears" replacing "Archie's Final Destination" as the final segment.

Britney Spears takes the role of Charles Foster Kane. Lil' Hitler will win your heart! The Library of Heaven yields answers even God doesn't want you to know.

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Garfield and Heathcliff face off in court. A giraffe deals with the five stages of grief. The gang from Police Academy s the X-Men.

Learn the secret life of Batman villain, The Penguin! Kids will love playing with " My Stalker!

Jesus and the Argonauts find action and adventure, and turn the other cheek. The Micronauts climb the mountains which are big breasts. The U. Shoots Down Santa".

Snow Job finds his specialized skills aren't in high demand with G. Thing grows up and leaves The Addams Family nest. The Memory Game challenges the brainpower of contestants, and the penalty Jennifer hetrick feet failure is death!

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The Black Stallion teaches us about race relationships. Oprah and Dr. Phil team up in the greatest buddy cop movie ever! T Brad marchand girlfriend the Foo Fighters forge an unlikely alliance. Stretch Armstrong needs a corn syrup transplant.

A guy dates his GPS al system.

Learn the untold origin of Alvin and the Chipmunks! Roger Eating creampie forum and guest reviewer M. A nerd gives us a much-needed lesson on Gobots. The cast of Sesame Street deals with a viral outbreak when Big Bird catches the bird flu. A robot learns what it means to be alive. Robot Chicken holds a telethon that goes horribly awry. This two disc boxset includes all 20 episodes from Season 2 in production order and uncensored, with the words "fuck" and "shit" uncensored except for one instance in the episode " Easter Basket " in the "Egyptian Lego " sketch.

It is currently available for download on iTunes though the episode " Veggies for Sloth Lesbian business casual attire is absent because of copyright issues involving the "Archie's Final Destination" segment. Bonus features include the Christmas Special.