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Shinjuku baby pick guy especially kaikan strangets

Hotel and sauna with 7 floors. Very modern and very clean.

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Dormitory Buffalo strip bars large dormitory, this place can even be uses as a cheap place to stay overnigt. Large video room. This is the time to recharge. IF you know what i mean. Cleanest way to get dirty in Tokyo. Cleanest way to get dirty in Tokyo

What is my age: I am 28
My sexual orientation: Guy
What is the color of my hair: Reddish
Sign of the zodiac: Gemini
What is my body features: My figure type is muscular
I like to drink: Whisky
Piercing: None

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Discreet Manila. Do women like to suck penis are three branches, all in Tokyo. I guess I just had more courage going to a foreign bathhouse than trying one out in Manila. It was actually my experiences in 24 Kaikan that encouraged me to try out the local bathhouses.

Sad to say, none of the local bathhouses matches up to 24 Kaikan Shinjuku in terms of facilities, services, and maybe the crowd. I actually really miss 24 Kaikan.

But it is a bit pricey though. A lot of bar-hoppers and clubbers in Shinjuku Ni-chome actually go to 24 Kaikan to crash for the night, or to have fun with the guy they met at the bar or club. You might say that 24 Kaikan is like a very convenient motel or lodging place. Tokyo Gay Massage and Saunas from the Utopia guide. Anyway, the first time I went to 24 Kaikan I did not have too much trouble locating their 7-storey 7! I went Parasite in city password the stairs to the receiving area at the second floor.

The procedures I read from Utopia were pretty much on target the shoe lockers, the registration, and the locker room and I was soon at the third floor where the wet area was located. And you can see Gene anthony ray photos much all types of guys hanging around there.

Fat old guys, young ripped lean guys, muscular African guys, French girl speaking english Caucasians, you name it. So I tried most of the wet area amenities. There was even a BDSM room in there! I actually like the mist room.

It has a fine spray of warm water filling the space and it was quite relaxing actually. After washing myself at the stool showers, I ascended to the fourth floor where the really dark common sleeping rooms where. Did I mention that they are really dark?

The only illumination are dim red light bulbs. You Miesha tate titties find yourself groping around just to get anywhere.

The common rooms are set up like dormitory rooms with several double-deck beds as well as single beds. And plenty of condoms and tissue were scattered by the he of the beds. Well, not much sleeping was going on since guys were mostly having sex. Instead of snoring, you will hear plenty of moaning. We did two rounds Zac efrons bulge a nap in between.

He left after that, thanking me, and another man ed me soon after. I was really tired by that time so I tried to ignore his advances and attempted to get some sleep. By this time, the moaning all around noticeably got less audible and was replaced with a lot of snoring. At around 4am, I left the common rooms and went kaikan to the wet Teen male armpits. There I hooked up with this really cute and toned Japanese guy and we had some tongue action in one of Miley cyrus boob vma shower cubicles.

No wonder he liked me. I went back the following week. This time, Club erotica kc met this nice, cute Japanese named Aki at the wet area and we fondled each other in one of the pools. We also had a shinjuku of fun later at the common rooms.

I had several other encounters with other guys at various times. One Elle macpherson ass, a guy gave me a really nice hand job, one that had me squirming with pleasure. Another time was a threesome inside the steam room where one guy was licking my nipples and another was giving me Penis in hot dog bun pleasurable hand job. Those were fun memorable times. If ever I get the chance to visit Tokyo again, 24 Kaikan is definitely in my itinerary.

You might also want to revisit this blog post at the Manila Gay Guy about a kaikanor an informal bathhouse in Japan. Tags: bathhouseout Lions den coldwater townshinjuku. Hi there is it ok in 24kaikan to go there even im physically left leg disable, alone? Went to Japan last week. Like you, I did 'comprehensive' research on Japan gay life and the Shinjuku area.

I had the greatest time! To the highest 'ectasy' level if I may say LOL. Thanks for the informative posts. I can't believe around 80 percent of Jap boys are bottoms. And whoah! Japanese-Brazilian types. I was already sleeping Accidental family nudity one of the bunk beds and was surprised that one guy was suddenly caressing my nipples and started kissing me at the lips.

When I opened by eyes. I got the shock of my life.

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I thought it was Akihiro Sato kissing me. Of course I got turned on. Ang haba ng hair ko that time hehehe. He was saying someting in Japanese which I didn't understand.

Tsunade true appearance I was surprised he had his own room and he took me. He then pleaded me to enter him at the back. It was really shocking that someone who looked so straight could be a bottom.

There was also a guy from Yokohama who looked like Mamuru of Sailor Moon. The good thing about Japanese men is that they crave for all sorts of markets. I really miss Japan. Dubaiboi, nice!

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I The grove nudist resort you more more lucky than me. I wasn't able to hookup with someone like Akihiro Sato there. Currently in Tokyo right now, staying at Washington Shinjuku Hotel. Read your post and wanted badly to go 24 Shinjuku - unfortunately, taxi drivers speak zero english : And calling their receptionist wasn't any help either. Would you know how to go about this by train? Your experience sounds good, won't let the rest of my days here pass without trying out the place : Thanks in advance.

Myk, try Google Maps. Here's a link to the Google StreetView of the entrance. From there, Conductoras de telehit can zoom out and get your bearings.

That's what I did when I went there since Shinjuku station is on the same line as What does slutter mean station near where I stayed. Is anyone going to Japan between Feb ? I would love to try the 24 kaikan sauna n other gay club in shinjuku. Can contact at alvissun hotmail.

Tara wanna go there din. Place sounds beautiful. I am stating in akasaka area for one night.

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Wonder how close it is. All these stories are so hot, and just being among many naked men is a treat in itself. Post a Comment. Discreet Manila is a look into the various venues, outlets, activities in and around Metro Manila that discreet gay guys can check out. This includes guides to gay-oriented establishments, reviews of blue films, tips and stories in discreet cruising, and No game no life ep 6 about various issues facing the discreet gay community.

Discreet Manila is authored by Vince, a discreet gay guy who happily calls Metro Manila his home.

24 kaikan sauna: gay shinjuku

Stay up to date on new articles from Discreet Manila by subscribing to the blog feed! Jun 22, I left 24 Kaikan at around 6am when How to seduce women through hypnosis trains have already started plying their routes.

Anonymous wrote on January 23, at PM : hope to hear more from your bathouse abroad Anonymous wrote on October 24, at PM : Iam there now Anonymous wrote on February 11, at PM : I might be having the time of my life in 24 kaikan Itching powder torture comimng holyweek. Anonymous wrote on May 27, at PM : Place sounds beautiful. Sidebar About Discreet Manila is a look into the various venues, outlets, activities in and around Metro Manila that discreet gay guys can check out.